Repairs and Service

We can repair and service almost any binocular old or new. This includes zoom binoculars that many other repairers won’t touch.

Binocular Repair & More

As well as binoculars, we repair and service spotting scopes, small telescopes, microscopes, some riflescopes and ex-military optical equipment.

Ex-Military Equipment

We service and re-furbish ex army and navy optical equipment which includes periscopes, monoculars and other sighting systems and components.

Optical Instruments Repaired & Serviced

Optical instruments assembled serviced and repaired

We undertake a wide range of optical instrument work, from repairs and service to cementing, assembly and testing.

Please browse our site to learn more about our services and the makes of binoculars and other types of instruments that we repair and service.

Bushnell, Carl Zeiss, Bausch & Lomb, Barr & Stroud and Nikon are some of the brands we work with.

As well as binoculars we repair and service spotting scopes, small telescopes and microscopes, and also work on ex-military optical equipment.

Binoculars for Sale

We often have a selection of re-conditioned or ex-demonstration binoculars for sale. These include compacts and full size models from basics to higher end quality. Frequent stock includes Bushnell, some Bausch & Lomb, Carl Zeiss and Tasco. We stock a variety of parts for these makes and models.

We also have a limited range of new binoculars for sale. Please visit the Shop page to see our stock.

If you have any enquiries, wish to place an order, or would like to make a comment about this website please contact us.

Intrasights Binocular Repair

The first step is to contact us – telephone: (01460) 54023 or use our contact form to send an email.

Give the make and model of instrument, and details of the problem. We will then respond the same day, depending on when the email is received, and give an estimate of the cost of repair or service. Some instruments however, will require viewing by us, before a fixed cost of repair can be given. We can advise on the most appropriate method of shipping, but for small parcels Royal Mail do an excellent service.

When sending your optical instrument by post, ensure that it is packaged securely and cushioned with suitable packaging materials. Mark or label it with ‘Glass’ or ‘Handle with Care.’ Please add a note in with your optical instrument with your name and address and details of the faults.

Once the item is received it will be inspected, and the cost of repair, including a description of what has to be done, will be confirmed. 

The basic labour cost of re-aligning a standard pair of binoculars is £30.00 plus p&p, but repairs and servicing may cost more or less, depending on the problem and any parts needed.

There is a two week turn round on most small jobs, but this does depend on whether parts are required and are easily obtainable.



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